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Busan Nongwon Duck Meat - Enjoy Its Natural Taste Food trend in korea is focused on health. Most famous restaurants emphasize their dish like mother makes, food in season, or natural foods. If you seek only delicious food, you might eat some unhealthy food which has MSG in it. So these days people eat food even though it is less tasty since they care about their health. Once white rice and egg were considered as perfect food. White rice is made.. 더보기
Plain and spicy food - Bulgogi with bean sprouts, Kongbul Famous restaurant should have tasty food, good service, and nice image. Taste is very important fact along with hygiene. Service is, too. Some restaurants' owner is unfriendly, but they have warm human affection even though they talk rough. Managing image is the core factor; three generations of restaurant, president's favorite food, or limited the number of food. Also interesting name of menu o.. 더보기
Jang Soo duck meat at Jang Soo Chon - Haugogae, the border between Bucheon and Siheung There are Seong Ju mountain and Bong Mae mountain between Bucheon-si and Siheung-si in Gyeonggi-do and Haugogae and Yeougogae between those two mountains. Hau means reconciliation and Yeou means fox. Because of outer circular road, traffic jam is less than it used to be. There are famous restaurants nearby here. Although they have poor transportation, the bus number fifteen helps people find pla.. 더보기
Nutrient richness - Makchang & Raw liver of cow in Jang Goon Gopchang Makchang, or Abomasum, is different in pork and beef. Cow's Makchang is an upper part of its stomach. on the other hand, pork's Makchang is the end of intestine. So even though they are called as Makchang, they are different in taste, features, and texture. Pork's Makchang looks like tube and chewy. Cow's Makchang looks like regular meat and soft. Pork Makchang is famous in Daegu. Like a whale, .. 더보기
Temptation of the most popular eating-out in Korea, Samgyupsal In Korea, pig was not popular as much as cow or chicken was. Cow was considered as a member of the family because Korea was an agricultural society. People believed that cow has a feeling like human being. It was really hard for people to cultivate without cow. Sometimes people borrow cow from neighbors if they don't have. In comparison, pig was estimated to be raised less than chicken or dog. A.. 더보기
Light ribs of pork & pork rinds - Bucheon 49 Galbi There is a clear reason for Koreans regarding their favorite food.In Europe, where ranching is main industry, cheese is used a lot in food. Like this, in Korea, we cultivate rice and make preserving food for four seasons. Our rice farming-centered food culture has been changed by industrialization. Traditionally, cow in Korea was not for food but for plowing a field. Unlike Western people who ma.. 더보기
Sweet sourced pork Galbi Dwejigalbi, sourced pork with sweet soysource. at Heuksukdong in Seoul Wonderful side dish. 더보기
Don't Ask, Pork beef grilled with Kimchi chigae A restaurant at Yangjae dong in Seoul.The Pork beef restaurant name is DON'T ASK. ^^Funny name. DON'T means pig at Korean. 더보기
Chukumi, at Youngdeungpo in Seoul Small Octopucy named Chukumi, at Youngdeungpo in Seoul, Very Hot spicy and honeyed taste. 더보기
Fully enjoy attraction and food at street cafes in Samcheongdong There is a Dongsipjagak on the road from Gwanghwamun to samcheongdong. At first, it was connected with stone wall of Gyeongbok Palace, but after the period of Japanese colonialism, the wall collapsed. It is still difficult to restore it because the whole area is a busy intersection. Even though we can try underground construction, we don’t know what is inside the basement of nearby area, so, sti.. 더보기
New paradigm in Food Alley - Sinlim Sundae Town Sundae alley is very famous in Sinlim Dong. I have also heard a lot about it. Nearby Sinlim Station (line number 2) exit 4, there is a Wonjo sundae town (Originator's Traditional Sundae Town). But actually, there are various restaurants other than sundae. Some sell meat or liquor. I entered six-story building called 'Yang Ji Sundae Town' and went upstairs. There are 4 or 5 restaurants on both si.. 더보기
Manull chicken nearby Daerim Station - Harmony of rich and plain taste People in Central and South America really like chicken. They eat the whole chicken leg, not two or three pieces, with bread, corn, or tortilla as convenience food.In Guatemala, because of Campero the chicken franchise, even kentucky fried chicken (KFC) couldn't start their business in this area. They don't coat the chicken with flour and fry it directly in oil.This is similar to olden Korea's c.. 더보기
The ultimate in chewy texture - Daegu Seobu Terminal Makchang Alley One of the most famous food in Daegu is Makchang.Even though cow and pig have Makchang in their body, it is actually different part.Cow's Makchang is the last part of its stomach and pig's is of its intestine. Roasted Makchang in Daegu, espicially from pig, is very famous.Everywhere you go in Daegu, you can find restaurants which sell Makchang. But the most famous one is in Seobu Terminal Makcha.. 더보기
Names and natures do often agree - IlSan Milbat Kalguksu, Seokgalbi Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si and Paju-si usually set a high value on table setting.As the old saying goes, Names and natures do often agree. The food in this area is fancy and tastes sublime.Seok-Rib is a representative food in Tanhyeon-dong, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si. Actually, this area is rather inconvenient for using public transportation, but it is not that inconvenient because you can get there in f.. 더보기
Dak Galbi Sarang Memil Guksi in Nami Island The travel by Gyeongchun line makes our hearts flutter. It is so attractive that the new generation makes the train named ‘Cheongchun Train’ and tries to make precious memories. Then, how was the past? When people suffered from the song festival for university students once a year, due to the result of local inequalities, Nami Island had become ‘Paradise Lost’. Visit Nami Island! Why is it calle.. 더보기
‘Sankkomjangeo Buljogaegui’ for Delicious Clam Platters Delicious clams should be dug out from the sea and be roasted. If you set up a tent near the region in which there are lots of clams, you can try the best clams that are shortly caught and roasted. However, there is a flaw when eating the clams - sand in clams. If you try the clams right after catching them, you can eat sand in the clams and feel very bitter. The clams rinsed thoroughly, however.. 더보기
‘TongKun TongGalbi-Generous Rib’ in Front of Hongik University There is a variety of delicious food around Hongik University. Flavor is not only important, but price is also important because there is a school nearby. In the long recession like this moment, a competitive price becomes one of the important factors for poor students and the middle class. In that respect, ‘Generous Rib’ in front of Hongik University is so attractive. Five thousand won per a po.. 더보기
Excellent Food and Service at Ho-woo Yangkkochi Yangkkochi (양꼬치) are lamb skewers that are eaten often in China, according to the owners of this restaurant located in Yongdeung-po. Being accustomed to flipping flat pieces of gogi on a grill, Koreans have found this skewer and kabob culture to be quite unique, which has ignited its growing popularity. Rather than it being eaten under a sophisticated atmosphere under dimmed lights and comfortab.. 더보기
Craving Grilled Fish? Head to Sinchon's "Gosami" Sinchon is the heart of the extravagant social scene for Yonsei University students. Yonsei University, being considered among the triumvirate of the elite tertiary education institutions in Korea, is filled with the brightest and most inventive young minds of the nation, but they are also considered one of the wildest as Sinchon is infamous for its hectic party scene. In the midst of this exube.. 더보기
2 Pizzas Starting from 8,900 won! PizzaGate's "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" To me, a large-sized franchise pizza is a LARGE, scrumptiously greasy, right-out-of-the-oven-hot pizza that should feed around 3 "normal" yet hungry people (I'm certain this is arguable) for a cost of about $10~$15. Having that expectation wherever I went would only result in disappointment, since coming to Korea I've realized that most pizzas in Korean franchises unfortunately do not meet these.. 더보기