There are Seong Ju mountain and Bong Mae mountain between Bucheon-si and Siheung-si in Gyeonggi-do and Haugogae and Yeougogae between those two mountains. 

Hau means reconciliation and Yeou means fox. 

Because of outer circular road, traffic jam is less than it used to be. 

There are famous restaurants nearby here. Although they have poor transportation, the bus number fifteen helps people find places more easily. 

Jang Soo O Ri restaurant is known for its Hanbang (medicinal herbs) duck, samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng), and smoked duck. 

Duck is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, so there is no need to worry about adult disease. 

Also it contained much vitamin and protein, which is suitable for a health food. 

Unsaturated fatty acid is oil which stays in liquid form at room temperature. 

Usually, saturated fatty acid is in pork or beef. 

Unlike this acid, if the temperature falls, unsaturated one becomes stiff and turns white. 

Hand-rubbed duck is popular. it includes red pepper paste, vegetables, and duck meat. 

After heating the iron plate over high heat, place the duck meat on the grill. 

Sizzling and smell made my mouth water. 

Eating this soft meat wrapped in lettuce or perilla leaf was very good. 

Chives was fresh. also potato and songi mushroom was simple and plain. 

Duck meat is famous in China, too. Peking duck's skin is crispy and savory. 

In Korea, we enjoy eating duck roasted or boiled in soup. 

Hanbang duck is full with various medicinal herbs, which is very good for health.

Pickled perilla leaf, pickled peppers, cabbage salad, and ripe kimchi were side dishes. 

Geotjeori (fresh vegetable salad dressed with garlic and chili powder) with lettuce goes well with duck meat. 

Dried radish greens soup and vegeetable salad was self-service. 

The soup was very delicate, thanks to soy bean paste. 

I also ordered smoked samgyupsal (pork belly). 

It was less oily and served with sausage. 

Even though it was not greasy, it was still hard to eat a lot. You don't have to order another meat after eating duck, but those two are different meat. so it would be also great if you try some.


Kimchi-sujebi (clear soup with dumplings) was spicy and refreshing. Kimchi soup was little hot and dumplings were very chewy. Usually people eat naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles) after having meat, but sujebi is also good.  


The inside is very large and it also has a big parking lot, which is good for groups or family. The restaurant is located on the left along Haugogae before you reach Siheung and on the right past outer circular road from Siheung.

Location : Daeya-dong 16-7, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do. Tel : 82-31-311-3004 

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In Korea, pig was not popular as much as cow or chicken was. 

Cow was considered as a member of the family because Korea was an agricultural society. 

People believed that cow has a feeling like human being. 

It was really hard for people to cultivate without cow. Sometimes people borrow cow from neighbors if they don't have.  

In comparison, pig was estimated to be raised less than chicken or dog. 

After westernization, big western breed which has meatiness flowed in and this made people eat more pork. 

However, before 1980s, most people could only eat meat during family affair like ancestral rites, holiday, or wedding despite industrialization after 1960s.

People could eat meat in daily life when they started to add pork in kimchi stew. 

Even though their life was better than the past, people used to buy the fat in the meat and put them in the stew. After Seoul Olympic in 1988, there was an increase in employment and economies. 

More employees ate samgyupsal (bacon) instead of Dubukimchi (stir-fried tofu and kimchi) or Jeon (pancake). Samgyupsal became popular for family meals. 

In Western country, people cut the fat off and eat only the lean meat. 

They use the fat part only when they make bacon. 

However, Koreans like this fatty part. 

We like marbled beef (rib eye) or thinly sliced brisket. These are the best meats in Korea. 

The best menu when people have a get-together is samgyupsal. but since it is high-calorie and high fat, it might cause abdominal obesity which is the reason of insulin resistance syndrome, a cardiac disorder, or high blood pressure. 

So recently it lost its popularity compared to the past including Ogyupsal and Moksal (boston butt). but there is an old saying in Korea that a rich man will last three years even after becoming bankrupt. 

Samgyupsal is still the best menu when people get together. 

There is a Golmokdaejang restaurant nearby Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station.

It is located in the alley and very simple and plain. 

They serve cutlassfish boiled down in soy sauce or other seasonings, Stir-fried squid, soy bean paste stew, or soft tofu stew at lunch, and meat or samgyupsal at dinner. 

You have to take off your shoes when you have a seat. 

There was no smoke at all because each table has stovepipes.

Samgyupsal was 10000won for one person. 

They served the meat on cutting board. three servings have nine loaves. 

Unlike the past when used frozen meat, these days people use raw meat, which tastes much better. 

Side dishes were seasoned perilla leaf, green onion kimchi, sliced Welsh onion, kimchi and pickled peppers. 


It is really hard to charbroil this meat; smoke or flame because of oil. 

But there is a small space to receive this dropping oil, so don't worry. 

You can bake garlic on the fire. 

If you cover charcoal fire with lettuce, it makes the strong flame weaker. 

Cut the meat into bite-size and apply one of the sauce; sliced red pepper in salted fish or salt with sesame oil. 

Both were good and perfect with the meat.


Samgyupsal and soju are known for the reason of adult disease, but these are suit our taste. 

Eespecially samgyupsal is better with classic soju which has a red sticker on it than light soju. 

Unlike the past, classic soju's alcohol proof is 21%. 

Moderate drinking is recommended but I understand that with good people, you can't control yourself. 

You will definitely have a good time here with nice people, eating samgyupsal. 

Location : Dangsan-dong 3-ga 181, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Tel : 82-02-2671-7573 

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