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  1. 2016.05.02 Pork Gukbap in Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Dwaeji-gukbap (1)

Dwaeji Gukbap (means soup with rice in Korean) is famous in Youngnam, especially in Busan. People put rice into meat broth. This is made by boiling pig bone and has pork in it. It is similar to sundae (stuffed derma) Guk Bap in Gyeonggi-do, but pork soup is more greasy because of pig's fat. And pork soup goes well with chives while sundae soup goes well with kimchi and kkakdugi (sliced radish kimchi). 

One of the famous food in Busan is wheat noodles. Pork Gukbap is also popular in Changwon, Gimhae, and Miryang. Sundae Gukbap is gaining its popularity with Seoul as the center, while pork Gukbap is still well known in original place.

Miryang Dwaeji Gukbap in Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do is very famous. You have to wait for at least 30 minutes during dinner time. The main dish, pork soup and  boiled rice served in soup with pork's intestines are each 6000 won. Tta Ro Gukbap is served with Guk (means soup) and Bap (means rice) separately, not putting them together. This food is 7000 won. 

I had to wait for 30 minutes. Most people had to find a parking space because there were so many people there. They have 50 tables and most of them are ondol (Korean floor heating system). So you have to take off your shoes when you get inside. I ordered Pork Gukbap. After five minutes, they served side dishes. Seasoned chives looked very delicious. Chives are produced mostly in Youngnam and good condition in spring.

They also served green chili and pickled shrimp. Pork Gukbap is a folksy food. In the past, the poor working classes didn't have enough food. So they used to eat food with soup because they could share it. Seolleongtang (stock soup of bone and stew meat) is made with mostly beef while Gukbap is made with pork. In a very difficult time, pork's fat was considered as nourishment unlike these days. 

Seasoning called Da Dae Gi is made with chili pepper paste and Welsh onion. You can season with pickled shrimp or seasoned chives. Mak Jang, which is made with soybean paste and soy sauce, really goes well with pork. This is a special sauce only available with Pork Gukbap, not with Sundae Gukbap. Even though seasoned chives make the food less oily, most of the taste is lard. You should be careful when you season your food with pickled shrimp since most of the food like soup or chives are already seasoned. 

Due to Da Dae Gi and chives, the soup turned into red. If you don't like spicy food, just add less seasoning. Pork was very chewy and had enough lean meat and fat. This food is simple, not fancy, but is a very savory food. Fresh chives reduce pork's smell, so all the side dishes and main dishes are perfect partners. 

Location : (Miryang Dwaeji Gukbap) Inje Street 91, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. Tel : 82-55-337-1790  

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