Food trend in korea is focused on health. Most famous restaurants emphasize their dish like mother makes, food in season, or natural foods. If you seek only delicious food, you might eat some unhealthy food which has MSG in it. So these days people eat food even though it is less tasty since they care about their health. 

Once white rice and egg were considered as perfect food. White rice is made by cutting embryo bud of rice and had been regarded as a symbol of wealth. However, these days people know that they have to cut down their carbohydrate intake and cholesterol to prevent adult disease. We all pay careful attention to health.

One of the healthy food materials is brown rice, or unpolished rice. Not cutting embryo bud of rice is full of minerals and nourishment. Barley and mixed grains are same, too. Once these ingredients used to be thought as poor people's main dish.

Same explanation can be applied to duck meat. In the past, people raised chicken rather than duck. But lately, scientists announced that unsaturated fatty acid is less in duck than chicken. But you should be careful. Unsaturated fatty acid is still bad for health if you take too much due to its fat. 



Gaya mountain in Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do has lots of famous restaurants. Unlike the past, this area has developed with streets and stores. Man Jang Dae Busan Jip changed its name to Busan Nong Won. It had sold duck meat for 20 years and other food for 10 years. This fact guarantees its cooking skill.

Ori Bulgogi (means bulgogi cooked with duck meat, not with beef), duck meat grilled with salt, and boiled chicken in plain water are main dishes. Side dishes are really great. Dongchimi (radish water kimchi), salted Welsh onion are simple and plain. Its flavor like a placid lake and prelude before main dish, duck meat. Only vegetable salad has a strong tastes with mayonnaise.  

Old kimchi's color was white and pretty. Seasoned miyoek seaweed, seasoned spinach, and vegetables pickled in soy sauce are focused on duck meat; simple and plain to highlight duck meat. 

Ori Bulgogi has duck meat, mushrooms, and onions. You can enjoy natural taste of duck meat. As I said, unsaturated fatty acid in duck meat is okay compared to other oil, it is still dangerous if you take it too much. A restaurant employee put paengi mushroom and chives on the duck meat. Red meat with white mushroom and green vegetables looked pretty. Eating the soft meat wrapped in lettuce leaves is one of the health foods. Duck meat goes well with side dishes.

The restaurant has many rooms for company dinner or meeting place. Vast parking lots, Gaya and Sineo mountain nearby, rounding at GayaCC are all famous for couples or family. You can visit Http:// To check food production process and their passion for food.

Location : (Busan Nong Won) Samang-dong st.1104, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. Tel : 82-55-321-8482  

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