Sundae alley is very famous in Sinlim Dong. I have also heard a lot about it. 

Nearby Sinlim Station (line number 2) exit 4, there is a Wonjo sundae town (Originator's Traditional Sundae Town).

But actually, there are various restaurants other than sundae. Some sell meat or liquor. 

I entered six-story building called 'Yang Ji Sundae Town' and went upstairs. There are 4 or 5 restaurants on both sides and about 10 tables in each one. Same in third floor. In total, 31 restaurants open for business in one building. Except two bars, all of them are sundae restaurants. 

Originator's Traditional Sundae Town has 3rd floors. The second level is called 'Sundae Yiyagi (Story)' and has 6 stores. The third level is called 'Wonjo sundae gobchang (Originator's Sundae Pork Intestines)'.

'Brother', which is the first store in second floor is known for its Baek sundae (white sundae).

The reason for the name, 'white sundae', is because it doesn't include red pepper paste. 14,000 won for two servings. The owner asked if I want more. He said that he always asks 'want more?' to the young customers because they like throwing in a few more. They roasted sundae with cellophane noodle and vegetables over a hot grill. In the middle of the grill, they put a small jar of Ssamjang (a mix of soybean paste and red pepper paste).

Usually sundae has pork intestines but this white sundae doesn't. The owner peel it because sometimes it is tough.

Eat sundae, cellophane noodle, and vegetables with Ssamjang wrapped in perilla leaf.

It is really soft, aromatic, and savory.

Other than sundae, they also served liver and pork intestines. It was a heavy meal for two people. They gave us a complimentary sprite and Asian apricot tea which they made in person.

The young owner started this business after graduating school. His mother was helping him with a bright smile.

Sinlim Sundae Town has modern style interior, which is very different from other food alley. I think benchmarking this town would be a good strategy for restaurants which still stick to traditional style. It is important to protect old style and tradition, but improving and developing is also necessary for today's food alley.

Location : Sinlim-dong 1640-31 (Sinlim Street 59th 14), Gwanak-gu, Seoul.

- Brother (Second floor #205) in Originator's Traditional Sundae Town. Tel. 82-2-871-1088  

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