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  1. 2016.04.11 Plain and spicy food - Bulgogi with bean sprouts, Kongbul

Famous restaurant should have tasty food, good service, and nice image. Taste is very important fact along with hygiene. Service is, too. Some restaurants' owner is unfriendly, but they have warm human affection even though they talk rough.

Managing image is the core factor; three generations of restaurant, president's favorite food, or limited the number of food. Also interesting name of menu or shop can be remained in customer's mind.


Kongbul's concept is playful, so is popular for adolescent. Kong is the first letter of Kongnamul(bean sprouts in Korean) and Bul is the first letter of Bulgogi(sliced and seasoned barbequed beef in Korean). Kong is a cute word in Korean which means very tiny and little. We use the word Bul when the food is very hot and spicy. So the name of this restaurant means a lot and interesting. Most customers are middle and high school students. Five servings of food is enough for 8 people. One serving costs only 5500 won. 

Basic menu is Kongbul; beef with bean sprouts. They placed the meat, bean sprouts, noodles, and one bowl of rice on iron plate. These ingredients are important elements in delicious food. Iron plate, bacon, bean sprouts, noodle, fried rice, sea mustard soup, pickled cucumber, and seasoned seaweed! Most food which is cooked on iron plate is spicy. Kongbul is also spicy. 

Spicy food's partner is a beverage named Coolpis. At first, this drink was considered low-quality because it was too sweet and didn't have real fruity ingredients even though is was called as a "juice". But these days it gains its popularity since people like eating spicy food.  

Noodle is served in a container like a beer glass. They also have some special events. If you post Kongbul's picture on facebook or twitter, cellophane noodle is free. This is an interesting marketing. Kongbul has more than 100 franchise. If you visit their web site (Http://, you can see their menu. One of the menu is Kongbab, which means a bowl of rice with beans. The word kongbab has another meaning; spending time in prison. Because when people in jail, they might suffer from a serious nutrient deficiency. To prevent this, jailhouse serve kongbab. 

Even though they say kongbul is 5000 won on their web site, in fact, it is 5500 won. And there is no kongbab in the store. Only white rice. Osamkongbul is kongbul with squid and daldalbulgogi, which means sweat bulgogi is available. Every plate has a little mark of its name, which is a very good marketing.


Location : Phoenix building in Simgok-dong 383-5, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel : 032-655-0953   

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