There is a clear reason for Koreans regarding their favorite food.

In Europe, where ranching is main industry, cheese is used a lot in food. 

Like this, in Korea, we cultivate rice and make preserving food for four seasons. Our rice farming-centered food culture has been changed by industrialization. 

Traditionally, cow in Korea was not for food but for plowing a field. Unlike Western people who make pork into ham, Koreans enjoy eating special part of pork; Sam Gyeop Sal (pork belly or bacon) Actually, this part is very fatty. In Western country, people remove fatty part of the meat. But Koreans prefer this part. 

Kubhdaegi (Pork rinds), which were removed to make Sam Gyeop Sal, were unpopular contrary to Sam Gyeop Sal. But these days, it gains its popularity thanks to O Gyeop Sal. Also, there is a saying that collagen in pork rinds is good for skin care.

49 Gal Bi nearby Sang Dong Station (line number 7) in Bucheon is street vendor. It is not a bar but most foods in here are good appetizers with drinks, so many people come here for drinking. 49 means 4900 won for one portion of rib (180g). Spicy Steamed Galbi is 18900 won for 450g.

Ribs of pork was in sweet sauce. The clerk grilled the ribs on a gridiron with charcoal fire. I had to wait a long time to eat the meat because pork should be got well done. The dark red meat changed into light red and this is the right time for eating. 


Salad with onion and lettuce were served. Wrapping salad, meat, and seasoned bean sprouts in lettuce was really good. Charcoal-broiled ribs of pork smelled good. Usually Koreans eat pork with ssamjang (a mix of doenjang and gochujang) and garlic. Pork has been a good energy source for Korean laborers and forget their problems with Soju (Korean distilled liquor) for a while.

They served two sauce: soybean sauce with red pepper and bean flour. This bean flour makes pork rinds less oily and reduce its own smell.

There is a story about bean flour. Once upon a time, there was a man who had power. After he was expelled from power, there was a rumor about his bribe and peculation. Then, his wife said, "Who doesn't touch bean powder when he pick up  rice cake?" to defense her husband.


Watch for sputtering oil while pork rinds are boiling because of its hard skin. You can cut them with scissors and then cover them with bean flour. If you don't like bean flour, eat them with soybean sauce. Steamed eggs, noodles, Doenjang stew (bean paste stew), and a bowl of rice would be good for this meal. This is a nice place for cheap price with your friends.

Location: Sang-dong 53-7 Da Seung Plaza #112, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel : 82-32-321-4992 

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