Makchang, or Abomasum, is different in pork and beef. 

Cow's Makchang is an upper part of its stomach. on the other hand, pork's Makchang is the end of intestine. So even though they are called as Makchang, they are different in taste, features, and texture. Pork's Makchang looks like tube and chewy. Cow's Makchang looks like regular meat and soft. Pork Makchang is famous in Daegu.

Like a whale, there is no part in beef to remove. Cow is very useful livestock; Its skin is used to make a bag or clothes. We eat its meat by making oxtail soup, pork hocks, or Seonjiguk (ox-blood soup). Although some particular part of intestine is very delicious, recently, people avoid them because they have fat-forming element. Also, they increase cholesterol count especially, LDL(Low Density Lipoprotien), which is harmful. But moderate uptake in meat is necessary since meat is good for blood vessel's resilience.  

There is a Jang Goon Gop Chang nearby Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station's exit four. They have Gopchang, Daechang, Makchang, Modeumgui (various meat roasted with seasonings), prime ribs, and Yeomtong (the heart of cow). It sells liquor and is kind of bar-restaurant. and you have to seat on the floor, which is a Korean style table. This is rather weird to foreigners but the floor has Ondol, or Korean floor heating system, so it is very warm. But they also have regular table with chairs. 

I ordered Makchang. They served haejangguk (hangover soup) which had a bone in it as an appetizer. It had lots of dried radish greens and bones. its soup is a perfect side dish when you eat main dish, Makchang. chives Geotjeori which is a salad with cucumber and onion, a raw river and Cheon Yeop (Bible Tripe) were served. Some people enjoy eating raw river but others don't because they get disgusted. Actually river has vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, D, calcium, natrium, potassium, and iron. Its vitamin A is four times more than spinach and B1 is three times more than vegetables. Its texture is very unique. It seemed like I drank smoothie when I bit cube-sliced raw river. 



If you can't eat raw river due to its feature or texture, just grill them. Also you can put it in soup. A raw Cheon Yeop has unique texture, too, like liver. It is good for pregnant woman because it is full of vitamin E, folic acid, and niacin.  A thick plate of iron, potato, Makchang, and Songi mushroom were served. When grill these ingredients, it smells really good. Beef Makchang is thicker and larger than pork's.

Beef Makchang with onion, mushroom, and potato is a good side dish with liquor. Chives Geotjeori and haejangguk with bones, which are simple and plain, are good for a side dish with rice. Visit here with your dear friend to drink and enjoy the softness of Makchang.  

Location ; Dangsan-dong 3-ga 183, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Tel : 82-2-2676-6400   

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