There is a Dongsipjagak on the road from Gwanghwamun to samcheongdong. At first, it was connected with stone wall of Gyeongbok Palace, but after the period of Japanese colonialism, the wall collapsed. It is still difficult to restore it because the whole area is a busy intersection. Even though we can try underground construction, we don’t know what is inside the basement of nearby area, so, still hard to build another right turn-road from samcheongdong to Gwanghwamun.


Along the wall of Gyeongbok Palace, you can see Geon Chun Mun, which was named during Sejong the Great. It is east gate of the palace and east refers to spring. That’s why it has Chun(means spring) in its name. Royal family and court ladies used this gate but because of Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, it was damaged. Emperor Kojong rebuilded it in 1865. Jeongdok Public Library is located in right side of the entrance of the National Folklore Museum. Yulgongno third street, which is in front of the library, is full of various restaurants and clothing stores.   


Sae Byeol Dang, the skewered chicken store, usually has long line. There are two kinds of skewered chicken; with soybean sauce or red pepper paste. Each one is 2000 won and sold out immediately. This is one of the famous food in Bukchon (means the northern village). Long line proves its popularity. Sweet and plain chicken was really excellent. Nearby, there is Ho Ho Tteokbokki Jip (a store selling  Stir-Fried Rice Cake). Lots of couples went inside arm-in-arm.

Another famous food in here is Samcheongdong Hodduk (stuffed pancake). Although it is isolated, thanks to word-of-mouth reputation, lot of people visit this store. The owner is very handsome, which makes the pancakes more delicious. Two kinds of pancakes; with honey or vegetable. Vegetable Hodduk has cellophane noodles and vegetables and more popular than honey one. You should be careful when you eat Honey Hodduk because when you bite it, the hot honey spills out. Brush Vegetable Hodduk with soybean sauce. Apple, jujube, and chili are in the sauce. Since it only costs 1000 won, many people drop by here and buy some.

Main samcheongdong cafe street starts from Samcheong Police Box. From this Police Box to the entrance of Chil Bo Sa, which is 800 m long, there are various cafes both sides of the street. Couples can’t pass by coffee shops, restaurants, and clothing shops. Buildings in this area are three-story. Because it does not have tall buildings like in the city, you can feel harmonious and charming atmosphere .

The exterior of the building is diverse; Korean-style house, the Alps style, and so on.

Lots of shops in here : Sae Byeol Dang, Ho Ho Tteokbokki, Samcheongdong Hodduk, The Jip, Sang Gam Dduckalbi, Cafe Hello Kitty, The Second Best Store in Seoul, The Stone Steak, The kitchen, Yong Soo San, Homestead Coffee with Little Prince, AGATHA, Origin Asia, Dal 1887, and Cafe Terrace.

You can get here from Dong Sip Ja Gak along the wall of Gyeongbok Palace. Or take exit 1 at Anguk Station and go up Yun Bo Seon street. Then you meet the road to Samcheong Police Box. Part of the way to samcheongdong, there are some clothing shops and restaurants, so take your time and enjoy this small trip.

Location : Nearby samcheongdong community service center,  samcheong street 103-4 (samcheongdong 106-9) ,Jongro-gu, Seoul

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