On April 20 at 2 pm, two representatives from Vietnam—one of which was Director Pham Hung Vinh of the Foreign Economic Relations Department of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment—visited Daegu City Hall to discuss strengthening the information exchange between Vietnam and Daegu in the IT sector.

A delegation sent by the Vietnamese government, which has shown a keen in Daegu’s informatization urban disaster management, met with Kim Seung-su, Daegu Vice Mayor for Administrative Affairs, to discuss Daegu’s outstanding local e-government system. During a briefing on Daegu’s IT status, the delegation learned more about how the city is utilizing IT in urban management and disaster management. The delegation also made a visit to the National Information Society Agency.

The cities of Daegu in Korea and Danang in Vietnam signed an MOU on e-government in September 2014, an agreement through which automatic dispensers for civil complaint registration were provided to Danang. The city of Danang continues to offer automatic civil complaint registration services through these dispensers.

During the meeting, Daegu representatives gave presentations to the delegates from Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Development on the city’s informatization techniques in a variety of areas, focusing on its industrial complex disaster response system (e.g. urban disaster informatization, perception of leaks of harmful chemical substances) and cyber security policy. Daegu representatives also shared the city’s future plans for an integrated urban disaster response system.

Through its visit with the delegation, Daegu Metropolitan City hopes to create a strong foundation for local companies in connection with the project currently underway in Danang on the informatization of e-government in the urban sector (Danang Smart Urban Disaster Management System). Daegu also has plans to actively participate in exchange projects with other foreign governments. The most recent visit by the Vietnamese delegation was conducted based on an invitation by a local company. The delegation, which was in Korea from April 20-22, visited several local companies during their stay along with the Yeungnam College of Science & Technology.

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