Jeju’s Oh Young-hoon appointed Minjoo vice floor leader

Boost expected for Jeju-related bills

Minjoo Party lawmaker Oh Young-hoon, who was elected in Jeju last month, has been appointed vice floor leader for the 20th National Assembly, which officially begins its term on May 30th.

Floor leader Woo Sang-ho announced the party’s 11 vice floor leaders Sunday.

Oh’s appointment is expected to add momentum to the passage of Jeju-related bills, including revisions to the Jeju Special Law and the Jeju April 3rd Special Law.

As vice floor leader, Oh will take part in weekly meetings between floor representatives and discuss pending national issues during the 20th National Assembly.



Police suspect Chinese woman was murdered by another Chinese

Body discovered mid-April in Seogwipo

Police say they have reason to believe the Chinese woman found murdered April 13th in Seogwipo was killed by another Chinese national.

The woman entered Korea through Jeju’s visa-free system last October. Based on an analysis of statements made by people connected to the case, Seogwipo police say she limited her social interactions mainly to other Chinese here on the island. She reportedly stayed past the point of her mandatory departure date, until all official contact with her was lost in December.

The police have expanded their investigation to include all Chinese residing on the island, and they are continuing to analyze her financial and communication records.

Police are also inspecting departure records as there is a possibility the killer may have already left the country.



2nd phase opening of new JTO duty-free shop

More choices for shoppers beginning May 30

The Jeju Tourism Organization will begin selling more brands at the end of the month as it opens the second phase of its new duty-free shop in Jungmun.

The JTO announced earlier this year it would open its new shop in three phases. The first so-called “trial” opening period began in February, and the upcoming “pre” opening period kicks off on May 30th, after which it will be selling some 130 brands of projects ranging from cosmetics to fashion watches to home appliances. The final, or “grand” opening is slated for November.

The duty-free shop is reportedly 75 percent complete, with the fashion and boutique section still in the works.

All sections will open by the third phase opening this November.



13 groups awarded for oreum improvement plans

Part of province’s ‘one group, one oreum’ initiative

Jeju has awarded 13 groups for coming up with outstanding ideas to help improve the island’s oreum.

This is part of the province’s “one group, one oreum” drive to encourage organizations to come up with ways to make better use of the parasitic volcanoes.

The top prize went to an environmental group that enacted a number of plans to protect nature, like installing an environmentally-friendly wooden ladder at the entrance to its oreum.

The “one group, one oreum” campaign began in 2011 and so far some 140 groups have participated.



JNU women's track and field team brings home 10 medals, Two freshmen won a combined 6 medals

Jeju National University’s women's track and field team won an impressive 10 medals at the most recent university-level national competition, which was in the city of Moon-gyeong City in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.

The team won three gold, four silver, and three bronze medals at the national competition last week.

In particular, freshman Choe Su-mi managed to bring home three golds in what was her first entry in a national-level competition.

Another first year student, Im Ga-hee, demonstrated her promise as an athlete by winning bronze medals in the 400 meter, the 400 meter hurdles, and the 400 meter relay events.



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