Gwangju Metropolitan City Waterworks has stated on the 9th that an improved tap water supply system that could guarantee safe tap-water quality has been set up.


 An official from the waterworks office said if the water quality goes lower than the appropriate water quality standard, an alarming text will be sent right away to the 108 waterworks employees and engineers including the director. 3 important standards for the safe water, hydrogen ion concentration, turbidity and residual chlorine will be strictly checked 24/7 in real-time. Reportedly, this system will be put into effect sometime this month.


Yoo Yong Bin, the director of Gwangju Metropolitan Waterworks said this is the first advanced alarm system in the whole nation and that he will make an all-out effort to provide tap water with better quality to the citizens of Gwangju.

Posted by 크레이빙코리아