Busan – Apr. 24 (600 tourists), May 12 (400 tourists)

Chungbuk – May 8 (400 tourists)… Taehwagang Simnidaesup (Bamboo Grove), Onggi Village



The City of Ulsan announced that it has successfully attracted a total of 1,400 tourists from Busan (April 24: 600, May 12: 400) and Chungbuk (May 8: 400).


The 600 tourists from Busan visiting Ulsan on April 24 would depart from Busan at 09:00 using 13 chartered buses and arrive at Simnidaesup (bamboo grove) in Taehwagang Grand Park. They would experience ‘Healing Grove’ and have a lunch there. Then, they will visit Onggi Village and Onggi Museum.  


On May 12, 400 people would also depart from Busan using chartered businesses and arrive at Simnidaesup. They will have a pleasant walk and enjoy beautiful spring flowers in Osan Plaza and tour around Taehwagang Grand Park.


In addition, about 400 tourists from Chungbuk are slated to get on the train which passes through Osong Station at Jeungpyeong Station on May 8 and get off at Namchang Station. They will tour around Oegosan Onggi Village and visit Ganjeolgot Cape.


An official from Ulsan City said, “We anticipate that a lot of tourists would visit Ulsan during the Spring Tour Week (May 1 thru 4).” He added, “We are going to develop various tourist products by investigating these group tourists’ preferences and evolve into ‘Tourist City – Ulsan’ in celebration of the Year to Visit Ulsan 2017.”

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