-Author of Sapiens Yuval Harari book discussion with Mayor of Seoul Park Won-Soon in Seoul (4.29)

-Discussion on overcoming of the isolation of humankind with science advancement on the subject of ‘how to co-exist with AI’

-20th Seoul book club ‘ together’ exhibition of books of discussion

Seoul, book discussion club run by the mayor himself and discussed with staff ‘Together’ is having a 20th meeting, inviting Professor Yuval Harari, the author of international best seller Sapiens on April 29th at the city hall main building multi-purpose hall with the attendance around 500 including of management and staff of Seoul Metropolitan Government and citizens etc.

With the subject ‘how to co-exist with AI’, the discussion will be about what Seoul Metropolitan Government’ policy direction should be to overcome the alienation and inequality of labor, the alienation of human beings with the advancement of science. The main theme will be started off by professor Harari’s keynote presentation, followed by Mayor Park Won Soon and professor Harari’s special talks and discussion, ending with a book signing session with the author.

Professor Harari has studied World History, medieval history and military history at Oxford University and currently teaching history at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. The author of the well-received best seller was translated in 30 language across the globe, published in 2011 with a bold and unique view, he has won the fame of the world. In Korea was published in November 2015 sold 120 thousand copies making it a best seller in Korea as well, an event that caught readers interest was also because of the Go game with Lee Se Dol and Alpha go in Seoul.

Book discussion club ‘Together’ consist of Seoul Metropolitans’ management and staff with the objective of ‘Finding a direction in the books we read together’ started in March 2012, selected books by administrative policies and invited relevant authors for discussion contributing to the culture of reading.

Coming to the 20th anniversary 500 members of Seoul metropolitan book club through Seoul library was invited to the event, and exhibition of the books that has been discussed will also be exhibited in ‘Sengak Maru’ exhibition area from 3rd May to 29th May

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