Seoul, establishing citizen participated first in country, 10 rain water village districts by next year

3 districts for this year to be selected upon a public contest by local governments and citizens applications will close by 20th May

Business information session will be held on 29th April (Fri), 4:30PM in front of Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building

Through the rain water village district, to better the cities’ water circulation to revitalize the community

Seoul, will establish 10 rain water village districts where they do not throw away rain water which is our precious resource to alleviate cities’ water circulation, planning for 3 places this year with a budget of 1.5 billion won (KRW).

Rain water village district is an eco-friendly district where through rain water usage facilities sending rain water back into the ground instead of letting rain water to be thrown away through sewage systems

The advantages are that when watering vegetable or flower gardens or cleaning the yard, you could use the rain water and save water, lessen the water thrown to sewage and avoid floods. It could also revitalize the communities by having water saving as a common theme

This year, as an example 3 places will be selected through a public contest. The chosen places will have a work shop with the residents and experts and come up with plans and based on these plans construction will commence. The cost will be fully funded by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Business application for rain water village district is open to all as long as you are a resident of the district. Application is to be submitted during 1st May (Sun) to 20th May (Fri) at the applicable local government water circulation safety division, persons in charge by hand or by email. Inquiries regarding applications should be made to Seoul Water Circulation Policy Division (☎2133-3761)

For further details of the business, Seoul metropolitan government is holding a business information session on 29th April (Fri) 4:30PM in front of Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building block 1, 8th floor.

Business information session is planned to cover the objective of the business, how to fill the application form, procedures of the business etc.

Director-General of Water Circulation Safety for Seoul, Kwon Gi Uk says “Seoul is actively proceeding to tackle the water problems with water circulation policies created by climate changes and urbanization. And hopes that the establishment of citizen participated rain water village district can become an opportunity to expanding water circulation city”

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