American Dream. When people move to America to succeed, people use this word. Gold Rush was one of this phenomenon; to get gold, European, East American, even Chinese rushed in California. 

Same thing happened in Korea. Lot of Koreans went to the United States and some of them became rich. Like this, late in 1990s, there was Korean Dream, which indicated a phenomenon that South East Asian came to Korea for jobs.

In Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, where lots of foreigners live, there is Multicultural Food Alley. The alley is full of Indian, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan restaurants.












I visited Sweet House Restaurant. Thanks to interpreters, I could order curry chicken. The owner couldn't speak English or Korean. Curry chicken is 6000 won. 

10 minutes later, the owner served a plate of curry, a bowl of rice, spoons, and forks. You can't use left hand when you eat. Only use right hand. Put curry chicken on the rice and then eat.

The scent of curry was really good. Chicken was soft and well-seasoned.

Actually, Muri is the food made of fried rice, but instead of it, this restaurant used rice. 

Babul, the owner, said that he came here in Korea three months ago. So he can't speak Korean fluently. He is both chef and server. 

He smiled brightly when I asked his photo.

"Muslim House" and "Halal Food" was written on his business card.

It was really good meal because I could feel sincere and warm, which is very hard to find in food these days under this mass production system.

Location : (Sweet House) Danwon-gu Da Mun Hwa Gil first street 48-1 (Wongok-dong 793-2), Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do. Tel : 82-31-481-9667

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