In Mediterranean countries, people like wrapping bread around meat. One of the Jewish people's favorite food is kebab, which means roasted meat with skewer. I ate Jewish kebab in LA the other day and it included rice, yellow sauce, tomato, and skewered meat.

From Noksapyeong Station nearby Itaewon, there is a Gyeong-lee-dan street. Take this street and walk for five minutes. You can find a Greece restaurant called El Grecos on your left. Greeks have glorious history and strong awareness of unity. They always notice public about their traditional festival and lots of events.

Gyros, the Greek food, looks like Mexican burrito. The difference is bread. In burrito, there is a thin flour pancake but in gyros, they use pita, which is chewy and thick. You can choose among chicken, lamb, or pork. 

I ordered lamb gyros and opened pita. White sauce, lamb, and lots of vegetables were inside. Aromatic lamb was little oily but with bread, it was good. Onion and tomato really went well with lamb. Fried potatoes were soft. 

There were six or seven tables inside restaurant. Many stores nearby Gyeong-lee-dan street have few tables; two or three inside and most standing tables. 

I worried about the smell of lamb but thanks to the pita and sauce, it was rather rich, simple, and chewy.

Greece and Turkey are neighbouring countries but have had bad relationship for a while. So it is ironic that Turkey's kebab is also used in Greek food. In Korea, we also have lots of food which developed during war time.

Andong Soju, famous traditional liquor, is from Mongol army. This distilled Soju originated from Middle East area and then became Whiskey when it spread to Europe later.

Budae jjigae (spicy sausage stew) is also made during the Korean War. 

Greece have experienced lots of war time. But ironically, they have many cultural heritages. In El Grecos, you can think of their history and food culture with Gyros.

Location :Itaewon-dong 273-11, Yongsan-gu, Seoul . Tel : 82-70-8263-8678 

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