Chinese restaurants are everywhere; in Africa, South America's Andes mountain, or even Alaska. One of the characteristics of the food in these stores is glovalization. Because it is hard to get local food ingredients and natives have their own tastes.

The typical food in Chinese restaurants is Chao noodles (fried noodles). It varies in different localities; in Korea, it includes various vegetables unlike the one in America. One thing in common is they all use MSG (monosodium glutamate) and soy bean sauce a lot.

Nearby Daelim station, there are many Chinese restaurants since korean chinese came to Korea to get a job in Guro industrial complex after Korea-China amity. Even though Guro industrial complex was moved to the other area, a lot of people still live in here by running restaurants.

In Guro jungangro 14th street nearby exit 4 or exit 12 at Daerim Station, the whole area is full of Chinese restaurants, Daelim market, exchange booth , travel agency , cellphone shop, real estate agency, and  recruitment ads on the billboard. 

It feels like you are in the middle of China.

There are also plenty of street food. Roasted squid with spicy sauce and dried red pepper powder is famous. The owner uses plastering tools modified into grilling the food.  

Also, deep-fry twisted bread stick is people's favorite. 

It costs 1000 won each but has double size compared to other bread sticks.

Because this is made from flour, when it gets cold, it becomes stiff. 

Chinese pancake, which includes steamed adzuki beans inside, is bigger and thicker than Korean pancake. As I said, have these food while it's warm.

The menu is written in Chinese character because, as I've mentioned, lots of Chinese live in this area. Unlike other Chinese restaurants, all stores are clean and simple. With various dishes, you can take a little trip to China at Daerim Station. 

Location : exit 4 or 12 at Daerim Station (transfer station for line number 2 and 7)

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