There are lots of fancy restaurants on Gyeongleedan street when you get off at Nok-sa-pyeong station in line number six. Most stores are small because this area's land price is expensive. When you pass main gate of Gyeong-lee-dan and go straight for 5 minutes, you can see “Don Charly” the restaurant.

There are only 3 tables, 6 chairs, and one chair outside; very small place. 

'Don' means graybeard in Spanish and "Charly" is one's name. 

Don Charly is very famous and good name in Spain like Michael in USA. 

The curtain in the hall was Mexican or Maya style.

Two Tacos are 7000 won and 9000 won for three.

There are coke, sprite, and tequila for shot. Tequila is traditional mexican liquor and known as cactus liquid.  Don Julio Anejo is 8000 won and Jose Cuervo is 4000 won for one shot.

Jose Cuervo is very famous liquor in Mexico like Soju in Korea. 

I ordered two Alambres and Jose Cuervo. They grilled the meat right away. The smell of roasting meat was really good and pervaded the restaurant. Usually people drink tequila with lime and salt.    

About five minutes later, they served Alambres. Meat, tomato, onion, and pimiento were inside the food. Tortillas was made from wheat, not corn. Even though I like corn tortillas, wheat one was good, too. Salsa sauce, meat, and warm tortillas had actual locality.

Yellowish tequila is very strong liquor because it is a kind of whiskey. However, if you try this with lime and salt, you can drink it smoothly.

Two tacos were enough for lunch because it had tortillas and abundant meat. You should notice that from 2:30 pm to 5:30, they close the store for preparing dinner business. Even though you avoid the break time and visit there on time, you have to wait for a while since it is really famous restaurant. Public transportation is better than personal car in case of traffic jam.

Locatioin : Itaewon-dong 225-10, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Tel. 82-70-8154-4475

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