The Office of foreigner in Anshan announced that there are about 15000 people in Wongok-dong, Anshan and they have 43 different nationalities. This is the most various nationalities in Korea.

The reason why so many foreigners live here is that there is Banwol Industrial Complex nearby. Anshan Multicultural Food Alley across Anshan Station is formed along multicultural alley, which is 300m long. You can walk into this alley by going through underpass.

There is a sign which says "From here, this is food alley".

Even though it was daytime on weekdays, there were lots of people.

There were many Asia communities like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh restaurants.

There are some people who tout for business on the street by saying, "You look great", "Do you have any problem?", or "What are you doing here?". Even though passerby knows that people soliciting are not bad, I think it is better for them to change their marketing strategy. Because foreigners might think that is illegal touting. 








Some people open a street stall in this alley and sell Chinese Sundae (stuffed derma) or Hodduk (Chinese stuffed pancakes).

As I said, there are lots of Southeast Asian restaurants like Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan.


Also, there were many Korean national police to prevent a minor skirmish.

This food alley has many foreigners as many as Itaewon does.

Most of them are Chinese, but there are also lots of Southeast Asian restaurants.

Therefore, this area is good for trying unusual food for Korean, and for foreigners, it is an attraction to feel their home food.

Location : Wongok-dong 795 Da Mun Hwa Gil 16, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do  

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