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Advance In Hanjeongsik, The Well-Being Food In Ilsan Todamgol It is hard to define Hanjeongsik, Korean Table D'Hote. We can say that kimchi stew is made with kimchi, pork and tofu, but Hanjeongsik doesn't include specific food. In general, it includes normal table setting for Koreans. It is divided into 5 different kinds; table setting with 3, 5, 7, 9, or 12 side dishes. Hanjeongsik with 3 dishes has rice, soup, kimchi, soy bean sauce, and jjigae (stew). U.. 더보기
Hot Spicy chicken stew with cellophane noodles, Bongchu chimdak. Spicy Chicken stew with vegetable and hot chilly pepper. Source base with soybean source add sugar and onion, green onion. Location : (Bongchu chimdak) Kyunggi-do Buchon-si Wonmi-gu Jung-dong 1163-9. Tel. : 032-326-6981 더보기
Fresh fish 'Whae - Sashimi' and good view on East Korea peninsula, Songdae whaetjip Home made vegetable at backyard Location : (Songdae Whaetjip) Kyoungbuk Kyoungju-si Gampo-eup Ohruy-ri 588-6(Kyoungju-si Chuksa-gil 18-90). Tel. : +82-54-775-5774 Infrm. : Maybe not available English, Need reservation. 더보기
Jang Soo Bossam, Won Bossam - Shabby, but cultural properties value in there Nearby Eulji-ro Bangsan Marketplace, there is a small restaurant next to U.S Army Corp of Engineers FED’s exit 2. Won Bossam was written on a standing signboard, but this store is also called Jang Soo Bossam. The entrance’s style looked in the 70s. They have plenty of menus; Baekban (meal with a bowl of rice, soup, and side dishes), Naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles), Bossam (boiled pork eaten wit.. 더보기
Good sashimi and steamed octopucy Clean shashimi and good taste steamed octopucy near at Youngdeoungpo district office / Gangnungjib 더보기
Jangchung-dong Phyeongnam Halmeoni Jokbal, The secret of good pork hocks store Chicken, Jokba (pork hocks), or Tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork).These are most common late-night meal. Among them, pork hocks is the best menu for employees to release their stress.Thanks to a vulgar belief that pork hocks are good for skin and because it is a perfect partner with drink, this food has gained popularity, surpassing chicken and sweet-sour pork. Even though O-gyupsal(kind of bacon).. 더보기
In Bucheon city family buffet restaurant Family buffet restaurant ASHLEY in Bucheon, Kyounggido. Some menu include Korean style food, likes noodle. 더보기
Shopping store E-mart food court. Shopping store E-mart food court.Various Lunch menu 더보기
Tteok galbi & Noodles with Kimchi - Nunnamu Jip in Samcheongdong Samcheongdong, which is located in left side from Kyongbok Palace, is famous for its tranquilness. Also there are lots of cafes and fancy restaurants.Among them, Nun Na Mu Jip is known for its Tteok galbi and Noodles. The first floor is for valet parking, second one is the entrance and has a counter, third one has main entrance, and fourth one has a particularly fine view On the wall, there are .. 더보기
Korean Sashimi Songdae-whaetjib near Kyoungju at Kyoungbuk province Korean Sashimi Songdae-whaetjib near Kyoungju at Kyoungbuk province 더보기
Kalguksu Alley nearby NamdaeMun of Seoul - Kalguksu, Bibimbab, and Naengmyeon In Korea, alley culture is a phenomenon with concentration on city and industrialization. Because we Koreans had farming life, we made roads and streets around the house, which is a totally opposite way in industrialized city. Anyway Namdaemun sijang (South Gate Market) is very big and has long history. It was made in 18th century and it lost its vitality for a while because of modernization. Ho.. 더보기
Myeongdong Yetnal Boribab Ssambab (Boiled Barley & Rice Wrapped in Greens) nearby Gongdeok Station - Enjoy both fancy and simple! Ssam, which means rice and condiments wrapped in leaves of lettuce, cabbage, sesame, or other greens, is good for people who want both fancy and simple food, especially at home.First of all, almost all ingredients can be used in this dish. Kimchi, which is a main dish in Korea, also can be used in Ssam. Chives, scallion, garlic, and onion are excellent for Ssam, too. If you have a small garden, .. 더보기
Gu Ri Yachae Gobchang while enjoying Cosmos Cosmos festival and Gobchang (beef intestines) alley are really famous nearby Han River Park in Gu Ri. In Guri Station, take exit 3 and turn right to enter food alley near Doldari Saghuri (intersection). This area is also called Doldari beef intestines alley, which is full of restaurants selling beef ntestines. To get there, it is easiest way to take Jungang sun (central line) form Sangbong Stat.. 더보기
Songnae Buldakbal Golmok ; spicy fire-chicken foot alley , line number one Songnae Station There are some objective indicators to judge economics status: trade balance, rate of operation, interest rate, and so on. And it is traditionally said that spicy food is sold more when the economy is bad. There are lots of spicy food out there in China or Mexico including Korea where lots of people love spicy flavor. In China, they use mashed red pepper in their dishes. In Mexico, they use jala.. 더보기
'Galbi wa Milbat" nearby Un Jeong Lake Park at Paju PajuIn the old days, Paju (Gyunggi province) was just country side.However, these days, it has been changed a lot.From a bridge in Il-San, there is Un Jeong New TownAs its name suggests, there are lots of new apartments in that area.One of the famous places in this town is a small but beautiful and charming park even though it is not that big as Il-San Lake Park.Eubi Park, Un Jeong Lake Park, an.. 더보기
Sundae & Fried Dish in Changsin Golmok Marketplace nearby Dongdaemoon There is Changsin Golmok Marketplace nearby line number one (Blue line) Dongdaemoon Station.Both sides of this market have lots of restaurants which stand in line (about 140m)This market is rather small, compared to other markets in Seoul.Like the name suggests, Golmok market is smaller than Gwangjang Market, Namdaemun Market, or Dongdaemoon Market. However, in Changsin Golmok Market, there are .. 더보기
Enjoy seeing the blue sea in the center of Seoul! Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market Because of unprecedented radioactivity problem, lots of people who are in the fishing industry worry about their future. A radiation leakage accident in Fukushima, Japan really influence we Koreans. It is important to check fishery imports from Japan, conduct radioactivity check, and undertake post measure. But false rumors do make customers rarely eat marine products. I did not go to Noryangjin.. 더보기
Drug-Gimbap & Bindaetteok - Gwangjang Marketplace Everywhere you go, you can find a market in the core of that area.This is because economic activity is the best function of the city.There are lots of markets nearby Gwanghwamun, which is the center of Seoul.Among them, Gwangjang Marketplace looks more like tourist attraction rather than a market itself. This means that people put more value on their actual life, which is intangible asset, than .. 더보기
Ulkeuni Kodarijjim of Sigol Buttumak in Daegu The food culture of Daegu was actually not flourishing. Due to the effect of yangban (Korean nobles) culture in Joseon Dynasty, Daegu has developed based on the conservative Confucian culture. Then, the traditional food of Daegu has developed for ancestral rites. The food of Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do is gentle and simple; on the other hand, the food of Jeolla looks colorful and gorgeous. Throug.. 더보기
Pyeonyuk-Won Halmoni Someori Gukbab in Front of Suwon Station In a traditional market, there is lots of food. In the center of a city, a traditional market is always located. If you visit Seoul, you can see some markets in Jongno as well as some traditional markets in Dongdaemun and Namdaemun. Except some special cases, the food court is located in the center of a traditional market. Especially, in any markets, you can see Gukbab that is a kind of traditio.. 더보기
Namdaemun Halmae Wangjokbal, “Dieting, go away!” At one time, Jajangmyeon(Black-bean-sauce Noodles) and Tangsuyuk(Sweet and Sour Pork) were the best dishes for dining out. After that, Samgyepsal(Roasted Pork) and Roasted Beef landed the position. Then, Jokbal(Pigs’ Feet Cooked with Soy Sauce and Spices) has come into the spotlight as the menu for eating out or a capital accompaniment of drinks. Actually, Jokbal can be cooked at home, but gener.. 더보기
Made In Korea: The Delicious Taste of Korean Style Chinese Food. When walking around the busy streets of Seoul, you are easily bound to come across a plethora of Korean-Chinese food. Just in my neighborhood alone, it is home to four of them, all a few minutes distance from one another. So, to put it mildly, competition is pretty fierce. However, as common as they are, each restaurant has their own unique twist on a type of cuisine that can only be done the wa.. 더보기
Unlimited Korean-style Soba for 4,500 won? Mapo Instant Buckwheat Village in Hapjeong Guksu, or a bowl of noodles, is very special to Koreans. Like burger franchises in the United States, guksu restaurants are very common in Korea and can be found virtually anywhere, but unlike such franchises, guksu is a much healthier choice that also is rarely a direct cause to obesity. From simple and inexpensive "janchi-guksu," which are flour noodles in a hot broth made from anchovies, to ".. 더보기
A Modernized Cafe In the Midst of Nature: Caffe Raum Beside Bucheon city, there are mountains that are open to hiking and our family has taken advantage of that luxury several times. On that road towards the entrace of that hiking trail, a rather large two-floor cafe sat rather isolated and a bit out of place. In a sense, it felt like a piece of modernization in the midst of complete nature, but seeing how society's gradually become that way it wa.. 더보기
"Naengmyun Heaven" in the Naengmyun Street in Incheon Incheon is famous for having different food streets that only sell that specific type of food throughout the street. It was lunch time and as I was going towards Incheon from East Incheon Station on the western end of the number 1 blue subway line, one question popped into mind: "Should I go to the sundae-street or naengmyun-street?" Both streets were right next to each other, making my indecisi.. 더보기
Refreshing madness! Handmade Buckwheat Makguksu from "Carrot Squid" It's monsoon season and temperatures are soaring up past 30 degrees Celsius. Due to the high humidity and heat, the increase of stress and even frustration is inevitable. I was no difference and I was wondering whether there would be a place where I could reduce these almost responsive yet undesirable emotions. That's when I found this restaurant called "Dang-geun Nakji" (당근낙지) which in direct t.. 더보기