Samcheongdong, which is located in left side from Kyongbok Palace, is famous for its tranquilness. Also there are lots of cafes and fancy restaurants.

Among them, Nun Na Mu Jip is known for its Tteok galbi  and Noodles.

The first floor is for valet parking, second one is the entrance and has a counter, third one has main entrance, and fourth one has a particularly fine view

On the wall, there are many celebrities' signatures, which means this restaurant achieved recognition.

It doesn't have enough space between tables and even chairs were small. 

Here's menu: Tteok galbi  for 8000 won, and mung-bean pancake for 8000 won, Pyeongyang mandu (dumpling) for 6000 won, noodles with Kimchi, rice with Kimchi, Bean Sprout Soup with Rice, kimchi fried rice for 5000 won, and Stir-Fried Tofu and Kimchi for 10000 won. 

Tteok galbi, also called Grilled minced rib (a rib meat, seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, garlic and wine), was served with broiled rice-cake. It looks like hamburger patty, but much softer, sticky, and savory. It is originated from Jeolla-do (one of the region in Korea). Rice cake and meat are perfect partners for each other.

Pickled hot peppers also goes well with Tteok galbi and it makes the food less oily.

Noodels with Kimchi was really cool and chewy. Pyeongyang dumpling looked like dim sum. It had transparent dumpling skin and really soft and light.

I also ordered bibimguksu, noodles mixed with vegetables and red pepper sauce. We Koreans really like noodles because after the Korean War, people used noodles a lot. It is easy to cook and store.  

Even though it was a small place, the food was excellent. I think it is good idea to have a date in this quiet area and then eat these nice food.

Location : Nun Na Mu Jip in Samcheong-dong 20-8, Jongno-gu, Seoul. Tel : 82-2-739-6742 

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