Chicken, Jokba (pork hocks), or Tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork).

These are most common late-night meal. Among them, pork hocks is the best menu for employees to release their stress.

Thanks to a vulgar belief that pork hocks are good for skin and because it is a perfect partner with drink, this food has gained popularity, surpassing chicken and sweet-sour pork. 

Even though O-gyupsal(kind of bacon) need less process to be food than Sam-gyupsal, people like O-gyupsal more because it is chewy. Like this, people like eating pork hocks because they are chewy. 

Feeling a sense of accomplishment by chewing something is maybe because of DNA people have which give them joy when they bite food like animals’ feeding habit. 

There is no specific reason why Jangchung-dong has many pork hocks stores. Anyway, it is known for pork hocks. Pork hocks in Chonho-dong is also famous, but it is mostly for middle-aged class. Many couples prefer Jangchung-dong as their dating course.    

At Dongguk Univ. Station (subway line number 3), take exit 3. Pork Hocks Alley starts from that exit. In afternoon, lots of people visit here. More than 10 restaurants have valet parking service and are busy with drawing customers.

Phyeongnam Halmeoni(means grandma) Jokbal is located in the entry to Pork Hocks Alley. They have a good parking service, which is a good advantage in this congested Seoul. 

The restaurant is a three-story building and each floor has many six-people tables. You can have meeting separately.


Before the food was ready, ssamjang, lettuce, perilla leaf, radish shreds, and salad with chives and onions were served. This salad was distinctive, sweet, and cool. Also it was perfect partner with pork hocks.

I ordered big size pork hocks and it was enough for 3 or 4 people. 

It was convenient to hold pork hocks' bone when I ate. In very small pieces of hocks, there were meaty sides.

Usually people more like the meat with fat and gelatin than fillet.

I ordered Pajeon (Welsh-onion pancakes) and the owner served chives pancake for free. Eat this food with onion in soybean sauce. It would be enough for two people to order So (means small) sized-pork hocks and for four people to order Dae (means large) sized one. If you order these pancakes, you will be moderately stuffed. 

You can have refills of every side dish including lettuce and perilla leaf. Shredded radish's pungent taste and hot red pepper powder go well with soft pork hocks. Pancakes here are different from Gwangjang Market's one which were fried pancakes. Crispy mung beans with fresh vegetables make pork hocks more perfect.

There are lots of signatures of celebrities on the wall; Lee Young Ja, Hwang Young Joe, ZE:A, Eom Jeong Hwa, and Kim Mun Su the governor. You have to reserve a seat before dinner time, or you should line up. Usually at six, the whole tables are fully booked.

The owner not only carries the food to the table but also set cars in line. Sometimes he broils pancakes.

You can take out your food left over. But it seems like he makes another whole food; he packs ssamjang, lettuce, salted shrimp, and even chives pancake! This kindness and affection make this restaurant more famous in Jangchung-dong pork hocks alley.

Location : Jang chung dan ro 170-1 (Jangchung-dong first street 62-83), Jung-gu, Seoul. Tel : 82-2-2275-7580, 82-2-2278-5168. 

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