Cosmos festival and Gobchang (beef intestines) alley are really famous nearby Han River Park in Gu Ri. In Guri Station, take exit 3 and turn right to enter food alley near Doldari Saghuri (intersection). This area is also called Doldari beef intestines alley, which is full of restaurants selling beef ntestines.

To get there, it is easiest way to take Jungang sun (central line) form Sangbong Station or Mangu Station. Because of lots of people going on a bike trip, the seats in subway is folding seat. 

Doldari intersection, which means a stone bridge intersection, is originated from one actual stone bridge in the past. 

Doldari beef intestines alley is located between Guri Station and Guri Marketplace.

There are so many famous beef intestines restaurants in this area.

From Doldari intersection to Gum Bae intersection, there are more than ten restaurants. In Guri, beef intestines with various vegetables and Dang myun (cellophane noodle) is famous menu other than grill or stew. 

I went to Yu baksa wonjo gobchang (The Originator Mr. Yu's beef intestines).

All tables were already filled with people  when I got there. 

There were abundant vegetables and beef intestines. Clerks were very busy because they had to grill these intestines, which made me hungry.

The important thing in this food is cleansing. People might have resistance by its unique smell 

They also have stir-fried sundae, sundae with intestines, gristle, and chicken foot.

They offer drink, beverage, and fired rice.

Beef intestines with veggie includes lots of cellophane noodle. Beef intestine was chewy and soft.

You can eat intestines, vegetables, and noodles wrapped in lettuce leaves. There are few side dishes: garlic, chili, and sea mustard soup .

There are lots of cabbages and perilla leaves. Al gobchang (Al beef intestines), which means the superlative degree intestines, is really good and soft. It was seasoned with red pepper paste. 

After eating intestines, you can mix some rice and vegetables with them. 

This restaurant is the most famous store in this area. So in Cosmos festival at Han River Park, lots of people enjoyed its food. 

Its price is 7000 won per serving. Famous food among commons became specialty in Guri.

location : Sutaek-dong 405-9 (An Gol St. 103th road 56), Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel. 82-31-568-0320   

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