Agreement ceremony held between Korea University and Korea Hana Foundation

Program is a part of efforts to prepare for a unified Korea by helping to improve perceptions toward North Korean refugees and to aid in the settlement process

▲ Kwang Joo Son, the chairman of the board of the Korea Hana Foundation (left) and Jaeho Yeom, the President of Korea University (right) pose for a commemorative photograph at the agreement ceremony. 

The ‘Good Corps’ aims to improve social perceptions about North Korean refugees and to ensure their stable settlement in South Korean society.   

On Tuesday May 3rd, in Korea University’s Main Hall, KU held an agreement ceremony with the Korea Hana Foundation regarding Good Corps programs for North Korean refugees.

Jaeho Yeom, the President of Korea University, and Kwang Joo Son, the chairman of the board of the Foundation for North Korean refugees attended the ceremony in order to launch the Corps.

The purpose of the joint endeavor is to ensure the stable social settlement of North Korean refugees and to improve social perceptions toward them. In the program, volunteers will collaborate with Korea University’s existing social volunteer group in a variety of education and volunteer activities. 

Korea University and the Ministry of Unification (the Foundation to Support North Korean Refugees) are collaborating on this project in order to support the settlement of North Korean refugees in South Korean society. The various activities stemming from the agreement include volunteer program development, consultations, volunteer management, education and training, and the reporting of corps activities through the production of the ‘Good White Paper’. 

The ‘Good Corps’ activities aim to go beyond one-shot events, encompassing a framework for consistent volunteer activities. Each of the Corps’ eleven teams will comprise North Korean refugees and three Korea University students for extra support. 

The teams will visit those in need of social support, such as senior citizens living alone, people with disabilities, and disadvantaged people living in areas under redevelopment. 

The Good Corps adds to Korea University’s efforts to support North Korean refugees. Since last year, KU has been operating the ‘Venture Academy’ for North Korean refugees. Refugees selected via strict document examination and interviews complete a primary-to-tertiary work training and attend theory classes and workshops with professional venture consultants. Recently, the Academy’s first cohort of twenty-three graduates completed the program.

Korea University President Jaeho Yeom stated, “Universities must work to resolve social problems. Training related to venture opportunities and to aid in finding employment will be provided for those North Korean refugees who are having a difficult time in getting a job.” The university aims to add to its roster of social responsibilities in order to prepare for a unified Korea and ensure the stable settlement of North Korean refugees in South Korean society.  

In pursuit of its numerous values and through its responsibility to foster a harmonious environment of diversity, Korea University will continue to take an active part in programs for those in need of support, including North Korean refugees and others in need. 

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