On April 29, SNU Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Gwanak district office, Seoul Veterinary Medicine Association and pet food company Mammi Dr.

The four organizations announced that they will cooperate to establish infrastructure in Gwanak district for animal protection, pet adoption and the prevention of animal abuse and pet abandonment. Furthermore, there will also be programs on animal rights to help establish a better understanding of pet culture. With over 10 million pets in South Korea, the recent agreement tries to tackle the issues that arise from the absence of an established pet culture and aims to make the district a more accommodating environment for animals and pet owners.

The recent announcement is not the first initiative by SNU VMTH to promote pet culture. The hospital has already seen positive response from the Gwanak community with its lectures on pet culture titled, “A Happy Life with Pets” taught by professors and animal experts from the hospital. The eight-week lecture series began on March 30, and is held at the Gwanak Life-long Learning Center. The recent announcement of the MOU is a continuation of the hospital’s efforts to establish pet culture in the district.

Starting from June, VMTH will further expand on its programs in Gwanak district with programs such as “Pet Culture Lecture” in town centers and classes in elementary schools on animal rights and protection.

Regarding the recent initiative on promoting pet culture, Gwanak district mayor Yoo Jong-pil stated, “The four organizations have a common goal in creating a positive environment for both people and pets. With the cooperation between the private and public sector, we will promote effective policies that will increase the quality of life for pet owners and district residents.”

Posted by 크레이빙코리아