Presidents of overseas universities join to celebrate the school’s 111th anniversary

KU Pride Club Lounge for donors opens

On May 5th at 10:30 a.m., Korea University and the Korea University Alumni Association held the school’s 111th Anniversary Ceremony and KU People’s Day on the main lawn in front of Korea University’s Main Hall. Presidents of several distinguished overseas universities attended the celebration. President Liu Wei of Renmin University of China and Rector Rik Torfs of KU Leuven of Belgium delivered congratulatory remarks. About 30 interested persons from 12 different overseas universities in 9 countries including China, Japan, and countries in Benelux and Northern Europe also attended the ceremony.

President Liu Wei of Renmin University in his speech said, “Today, each and every country in the world is part of the global community, and universities, in such a global village of today, must nurture talented individuals, contribute to social renovation, carry out the important functions of international exchange, and serve as the basis for national and global development. Exchanges between universities allow different cultures, from diverse national and ethnic backgrounds, to meet and collide with each other, and from such collision, harmonization and amalgamation become possible. In other words, such exchanges enable societies to cooperate in resolving great challenges the world faces today.” He congratulated Korea University on its 111th anniversary by saying, “I anticipate that international exchange among universities will continue to flourish and contribute to the world and humanity. I also hope for the continuation of exchange and cooperation between Renmin University and Korea University.”

Rector Rik Torfs of KU Leuven, in celebration of Korea University’s 111th anniversary and hoping for a bright future that positive changes will bring, said, “As I mentioned at the meeting of the East Asia-Nordic/Benelux University Consortium established here yesterday, I look forward to witnessing unique potentialities and great synergistic effects. The amount of energy required to found a university must be huge to the extent that it is not possible to measure it clearly, but what is certain are the vision to the future, intellectual boldness and unimaginable hope.” 

Jaeho Kim, Chairman of the Korea University Foundation, emphasizing the importance of cooperation for the fulfillment of the goal, said, “Korea University has gained respect from the public for the sacrifices and contributions made by its graduates for the sake of the country and the people. And now, the school is asked to lead innovation and change which cannot be carried out by others. Korea University must emerge as a world-class university, serving not only the country, but the world and humanity as well. In order for this to happen, dedication and effort from all members of the Korea University are a must.” 

Jaeho Yeom, President of Korea University, went on to say, “The future always communicates with history through the medium of the present. However, universities in this country today no longer talk about hopes and dreams for the future, not being able to escape from the challenges of reality. They hesitate to adopt necessary changes because of various regulations and uncertainty about the future. Young people, on the other hand, are feeling despair, as they believe that their future cannot be changed through education. From now on, Korea University must play a leading role in taking up the challenges and moving forward for a better future with the spirit of ‘saving the nation through education’. As Korea University led educational reforms 111 years ago in an effort to facilitate the process of modernization in this country, it should again lead changes in university education for the future. We must not become complacent of our achievements, but rather strive to break new ground to create a better tomorrow.”

After mentioning various programs being implemented by Korea University for educational reform, President Yeom further stated, “As our pioneers led the Education to Save the Nation Movement 110 years ago in order to overcome a national crisis and prepare for their own future, we stand at this turning point in history, where, once again, we have to predict and prepare for the future. Let us embrace innovation and change the future of our education with our very own hands.”

Hak-Soo LEE, President of the Korea University Alumni Association, said, “We are here today, not just to celebrate the history of Korea University, but to strengthen the sense of duty and will it must embrace in order to become a world-renowned university. In this new, ever-changing era, Korea University must take the lead in introducing change and innovation. I hope that Korea University, which has been a symbol of higher education in Korea thus far, becomes a symbol of innovation in the movement of university reform in today’s global era.”

In commemoration of Korea University’s 111th anniversary, the ceremony also named the recipients of the following awards: ▲ the Crimson Award (Development Achievement Award), ▲ the Social Services Award, ▲ the Achievement Award, ▲ the Outstanding Lecture Award, ▲ the Employee Achievement Award, ▲ the KU Family Award, ▲ the Long-term Service Award, and ▲ the Role Model Award.

The Social Services Award was presented to Young-Hee Choi, CEO of Sungchang Industries Co., Ltd. (Political Science and International Relations, ’52). After working as a volunteer with the Korea National Red Cross in 1968, for the past 48 years, Ms. Choi has devoted herself to volunteering for organizations such as Yejiwon and Seongnam City Women’s Council, for adolescent heads of household and senior citizens who live alone, as well as for the poor and neglected in the community.

The Crimson Award, which recognizes the achievements of those who have consistently contributed to the school’s development, went to Yang-Hyun Kim, CEO of Samwon Industrial Co., Ltd.; Hwi-Seong Yoo, a graduate of Commercial Science; Yoon Kim, Chairman and CEO of Samyang Holdings Corporation; and Myung-Ho Seung, Chairman of Dongwha Group.

Yang-Hyung Kim (Public Administration, ’56) has continuously made donations to Korea University’s law students and has given generous support for the development of the Department of Public Administration. His donations were used to fund the construction of a building for students preparing for the Civil Service Examination.

Hwi-Seong Yoo (Commercial Science, ’58) expressed great joy in making donations by quoting a line in Sohak that good deeds will bring happiness. He has been making donations to support the living expenses of students with financial difficulties and to provide academic support and research funds for exchange students.

Myung-Ho Seung (International Trade, ’74) has donated funds for the construction of the Hyundai Motor Hall for the Korea University Business School. He has also made contributions to the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications in the university’s graduate school.

Yoon Kim (Business, ’72), who was unable to attend the awards ceremony, has continuously made donations to his alma mater and its students.

One the same day, in time for the school anniversary, the KU Pride Club Lounge (hereinafter the “Lounge”) was opened in Korea University’s Central Square.

The 78m2 Lounge was opened in commemoration of about 2,000 registered contributors of the KU Pride Club, Korea University’s micro-fundraising campaign introduced last year. This resting spot is equipped with a system that allows the contributors to find their name on the donors’ list. 

The KU Pride Club is Korea University’s micro-fundraising program aimed at building an improved future of Korea University. It was established on May 5, 2015 in celebration of the school’s 110th anniversary. Registered contributors of the KU Pride Club make donations each month, starting at KRW 10,000 and going up. As of today, a year after the launch of the campaign, a total of KRW 950 million has been donated by 1,997 contributors (7,134 registered accounts) is being used to fund various programs designed to support students who are enrolled in the school.

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