Relieving a hangover in Korea is unique. Hot soup is good for chasing a hangover rather than cold one. Adding red pepper powder in the soup makes people sweat and then they feel like chasing their hangover. So, the best menu for relieving a hangover is soup; bean sprouts soup, Bone meat Haejang-guk, dried pollack soup, blowfish soup, and kimchi soup. Also honey water is good for relieving fatigue.

Going in and out hot water pool and cold one is widely known as a good way to relieve hangovers, but it might be bad for people who have heart disease or high/low blood pressure. The worst way is drinking again.  

Kongnamul haejangguk (means bean sprouts soup) is the best way. Jeonju is most famous for this food. From the Joseon Dynasty period, it has been well known for its bean sprouts. Haejangguk in this area usually has a poached egg. You can put this egg in the soup or on the rice. 

Bean sprouts soup is not only for relieving hangovers but also good food in winter season. Aspartic acid in bean sprouts is good for chasing hangovers. And when you eat hot soup, it makes you sweat and eliminate waste matter from your body system. Winding or zigzag shaped bean sprouts is the evidence of not using agricultural chemical.

Reliving hangovers is different from country to country; in some country, people apply oranges to their armpit. Others drink tomato juice or eat yogurt, butter, rice porridge, or raw eggs. 

Across from Bucheon Civic Center, there is  Jeonju jongga kongnamul haejangguk restaurant. Its simple and plain taste is popular for nearby employees as a meal. Breaking an egg into the soup makes the food more delicious. You can season it with salted shrimp to suit your own taste. Kkakdugi (sliced radish kimchi) goes well with this food.

Adding hot chilli pepper makes it more spicy. This restaurant is famous for slightly boiled squid. It is also perfect partner with haejangguk. Eating this sashimi by dipping it in red chili-pepper paste with vinegar(chogochujang) was really good and made my stomach full.

Haejangguk in this area is really cheap; only 3800 won. And slightly boiled squid is 6000 won. Both are perfect for one’s meal or reliving food.

Ironically, this restaurant also sells Dongdongju and crude liquor.  Dongdongju is similar to Makgeolli (unrefined rice wine) in its ingredients and making process but those two are different. Makgeolli is made with residue left after rice liquor is drained and water. But these days makgeolli has more well-selected process to be made. On the other hand, people make dongdongju with more water, which causes deterioration in its quality.

Bean sprouts soup is perfect for one meal or reliving a hangover-food. Adding red pepper powder in it makes you feel better.


Location : Jung-dong 798-1 (across from Bucheon Civic Center), Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. Tel : 82-32-668-9932 

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