Koreans really like spicy food. Almost every people in Korea enjoy hot and spicy food. Before one knows, spicy food is the main dish in Korea's eating out culture. And this trend made homemade food less spicy and plain. 

The first chance Koreans encountered to try spicy food was Topokki (Spicy Rice Cake). This food is made of many pieces of Tteok (rice cakes) with Gochujang (hot sauce), Euhmuk (fish cake), and a boiled egg. Original Tteokbokki is very simple to make because it doesn't need many ingredients as I said. 

There are various kinds of rice cake: thick one and thin one. Original one and one made from flour. But it doesn't matter which one you use. This food is matter of spicy and hot.

There is Guk Dae Topokki nearby Bucheon Station. I'm not sure what Guk Dae means, but the words sound like short for member of the national team. Anyway, it is located in a good place; nearby subway station. And there were few tables, but they served the food very quickly.

Topokki is 2500 won per serving, 5 Twikim (fried food) are 2500 won, and one fish cake is 500 won. Udon is 3000 won and Patbingsu (Shaved Ice with Sweetened Red Beans and Other Toppings) is 2500 won.

I ordered traditional Topokki and it had thin rice cake, made of flour. It was soft and not that spicy. If you have an allergy to hot food, you should ask the chef to make the food less spicy. I like some pieces of fish cake in Topokki. It also salty, savory and soft.

Fish cake, which I ordered separately, was served in nickel-silver pot with soup. This was really good because it involved less flour and very soft.

There was a sign which says "Welcome carrying in food"

Most restaurants ban on bringing food purchased outside, but this store doesn't. Why? They really don't care other food because they are confident about their food. And they are considerate of mom and child, who wants Tteokbokki while the other is eating waffle.

In 15 minutes, I ate and enjoyed the food and became full. They deserve recognition as a famous and kind restaurtant.

Location : Bucheonyuksa Shoppingmall B1, Simgokbon-dong 316-2, Sosa-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. Tel : 82-32-612-5505

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