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About Us 2013. 9. 4. 11:40

Korea is filled with food you're craving. 

CravingKorea will help you find where you can find it. 

CravingKorea is a restaurant review blog for English-speakers in South Korea. 

Of course, non-English-speakers are welcome and won't be left out -- pictures are available for those who can't read English to find where their crave is. 

It's a blog, but there are unlimited uses to it.

We have a Korean edition of CravingKorea as well. Visit us at http://www.cravingkorea.co.kr to see Korean posts on Korean food and culture. 


"Like" us on Facebook for more updates regarding newer go-to's within the peninsula.

You can search "CravingKorea" on the Facebook search feature or click on the following links:

English - https://www.facebook.com/CravingKorea

Korean - https://www.facebook.com/cravingkoreak

Enjoy Craving Korea.

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