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Burger 2013. 6. 21. 13:20

We loved eating the Subway footlongs when we lived in the United States and it was only recently when we knew that Subways also existed in Korea. 

Since then, my daughter has continually asked me to take her, and at last we decided to go all the way to Mapo Station to find this "healthy" nostalgic franchise.

We got one footlong and split it in half. The fresh vegetables lived up to the "eat fresh" slogan in every sub wrapper. The interior design was also very similar to the Subway franchises in LA with almost identical tables and chairs filling the rather tiny space.

If you're craving for one of these franchise American subs, you just need to find them since they are more common than you may think.

Location : Mapo-gu Do-hwa-dong 39-1, Seoul (서울 마포구 도화동 39-1)

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